What are you eating as the weather gets warmer?

What are you eating as the weather gets warmer? As the seasons change, so does what our bodies need. With summer approaching we require more in terms of hydration ???? and minerals ????️. This is because we sweat it all out through the day.
Fresh salads with a wide variety of ingredients will help you beat the heat and make sure you get all you need for your cells to function properly. When it come to getting all you need, diversity is key. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The more variety in your diet, the more likely you are to get all the good stuff. It is recommend that over the course of a week, you eat at least 30 different kinds of natural ingredients leaning heavy towards the fruit and vegetable side.

If that sounds like a lot of work, why not try this approach from @paulalopesfit. A different salad everyday built on the same base. Inspired by the rainbow and always quick and easy!

The only limit is your imagination. Tag us to show the rainbow in your bowl ????

Salad base ????
Lettuce (and/or any other leafy greens such as spinach or kale)
Depending on her mood or the bounty of her fridge she likes to play with new variations, usually by color.

For white ????????
Cucumber + White cabbage + Apple
For purple ???????? Red cabbage + Beetroot + Kalamata olives
For red ????????️
Tomatoes + Red peppers
For orange ????????
Carrots + Yellow peppers + Green olives
Basic dressing
????Olive oil 1tbsp
????Balsamic vinegar 1tbsp
????Dijon mustard 1tsp
????Honey (for sweet version) 1tsp
????Pinch of salt and pepper

Chop up the leaves & featured veggies. Mix all together with dressing!

Add a portion of your favorite protein and some seeds for extra health fats… et voilá!

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