Your heart powers your cardiovascular system and we are all about heart at Pulse. A strong and healthy heart extends your life and the actual quality of your life. A life that has meaning and purpose for us all. So, we want you to push yourself until you feel your life-source, right within your chest. Every class we bring you, offers some level of heart and we know you can find enough heart to enjoy every class we bring you, with heart.


Strength is required to do life well. We are passionate about strength because strength is unique and has incredible potential. Every person has their own strength and we want you to find yours, love it and expand it. Strength is at the very core of what we do at Pulse because it requires strength to do heart well, but strength also allows us to fold vulnerably into stretch, which is where important growth happens.


Stretch, at Pulse, is just that. Expansion and the creation of space to find one’s heart and one’s strength. This aspect of our classes brings unity and completion in both the scientific and the ethereal sense. Flexibility is required to create health in our bodies and in our lives. We’ve built stretch into all of our classes so that you may find the required peace in yourself to continue the exploration of you and your body.

Membership & Schedule

You can book your sessions online, telephonically, via email, at the studio or via the Virtuagym app.

New members or visitors please contact the studio to arrange your first class.

Pulse aims to create a motivating environment, fun and stimulating programming, high quality instruction, cutting edge fitness solutions and lastly, a positive supportive community in which you can joyfully explore your fitness and health.

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